Free software 3D role-playing game !


Source code available,

freeee !!!

     Arkanae : Quick overview

Greetings. Here is a small presentation of our project for those who are hurry :
  • Arkanae is a role-playing game which takes place in a heroic fantasy universe !

  • Explore a 3D coherent world, with third person view.
  • Alignement managed, choose your destiny.
  • Dialogs, puzzles, spells, epic battles and lost treasures await you...

  • Developed in Java, multiplatform Linux and Windows, Multilingual (English, French & German).
  • 3D rendering with OpenGL via OpenGLTM for JavaTM.

  • Free software : source code available (GPL lisence) !
  • Realized by pure hackers 100% selves-made-men.
  • Totally free !!!

     Totally free ??

Maybe you wonder why we make this game and what is our motivation ? The answer lays in the following lines revealing the goal of this ambitious project :
  • Becoming famous ? We want to cry our talent and to be recognized. Make publicity about us !
  • To show what we are able to do.
  • At long-term, to create our development studio or join one.
  • To make you play and to grow the hacker power.
What are you waiting for ? Click here : screenshots - download

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